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The Money Pit

Have you seen the movie with Tom Hanks and Shelly Long where they purchase the most beautiful home that only seems to fall a part with each moment that passes?  It’s cute…or at least it was until Husband and I realized our “New to Us” house was going to be our very own Money Pit experience.

Don’t believe me?  Let’s call this Exhibit A:

  • The day we arrived I was giving a tour of the home and managed to rip the handle off of our closet door.
  • We quickly realized the air conditioning did not work and when it was running the pipes from the furnace iced over.
  • The first night we tried to run some wash, but seemed to only have hot water to the machine and a spray of cold water out of the faucet in the wall that didn’t even go in the pipe.
  • Not all of the windows have screens, not to mention the cranks that open the windows.
  • The back door screen door is only half on.
  • The yard was CoMpLeTeLy over grown.  (I like to refer to our yard as the Botanical Gardens of Clayton Ct and SWEAR we have our own ecosystem.)

Have I lost you yet?  Hope not.  Stay with me…the journey is going to be fun.  The lists have been written (you will soon find out I have an unhealthly love of lists) and we have no choice but to get started right away.