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Sod and A Karate Kick

Yesterday I blogged about our decision to rip out the flower bed in the front yard.  It was a brief note in the post, which was about as brief as the discussion was.  I think it was always in the back of our minds and when the time came to decide, we just went for it.

The last home we owned was a New-Build.  From day 1, we felt like it was our own.  We picked out everything from the carpet to the shower heads.  The last home we lived in, we rented.  It wasn’t ours and we never confused ourselves on who really owned the home.  At one point, I literally sprinted across the house to stop Lil’ Man’s remote control car from banging into the baseboard.

This home is hard.  We own the house but we don’t yet own the home.  We’re working on that…starting with ripping out her flower bed and putting in our grass.

Yesterday, I left you with this…

This was Sunday and since we had a small fever for Lil’ Girl pop up on Monday, everything was put on hold.  By Tuesday, all was well, and I was itching to attack the dirt (sidenote – I’m still not itching to do anything with the dirt by the lamppost).  So, I headed off to our local owned Ace store and rented a Rototiller.  You’d think that being stuck in the house on Monday I would have spent some time researching how to lay sod and been armed with knowledge.  Nope.  Instead I rented the Rototiller, then went to the nursery to ask how to prep the soil.  Of course I needed 15 bags of Cow and Compost to till in with the soil.  Since there wasn’t enough room in our car for both the Rototiller and the Compost, it meant 2 separate trips; one to drop the Rototiller off at the house and the other to go back and pick up the Compost.

Awesome.  Off to a great start.  30 minutes later (that’s $12.00 in rental time, by the way), I was finally ready to get started.

If you haven’t ever used a Rototiller, spend some time in the gym first.  Rototillers are serious tools…especially for this inexperienced DIY{er}.  I had to hold on for dear life.  It will shake you to the core…but don’t let go.  Once I got the hang of it, it wasn’t too bad; but those first few minutes were teeth chattering.

I tilled the soil 6-8 inches down, laid down the Cow and Compost and then tilled it all in together.

Now…if you are have done this before (or have more common sense then I do)…you may be wondering at what point I removed some of the tilled soil.  I didn’t.  I left it all.  I even stopped at one point to google whether I needed to or not.  I decided I didn’t need to.

Sure as anything, Husband got home from work and wondered how exactly we were going to lay sod 2 inches ABOVE the existing grass line.


Fast forward to Wednesday, when I moved the tilled soil out of the way to dig out the soil underneath that hadn’t been tilled.  TOUGH STUFF!!!  Thankfully, my neighbor noticed I had removed enough and kindly came over to tell me to S.T.O.P.

I covered up the hole from the under-soil (yep, made that word up) with the tilled compost and let the sprinklers water it later that night.

Beautiful, if I do say so myself.

This morning, it was off to the Turf Store.  Where again, armed with NO research, I asked a TON of questions and came home to get started.  Laying the sod was surprisingly easy.  I know everyone has their own way of doing things…but apparently, I prefer the hard way.  I laid the sod MY way (not Husband’s) and had to make a TON of cuts on the corners.

 The Turf Store said to lay the sod from the center and make cuts on the outside. Which was great, except if I had laid the sod the other way (vertically instead of horizontally), I would have had longer cuts on fewer pieces.  Oh well…lesson learned for later (that was a tease for what we did when we were done with the flower bed…)

In an effort not to bore you…I’ll skip the fun of laying, pushing, and cutting the sod and tell you a story instead.  Husband and I quickly realized that I was going to run out of sod.  I laid what I had and headed back to the Grass Store.  It was embarrassing enough having to go in to buy more pieces, but what was worse was being attacked (yes, attacked) by a Bee while I was waiting for the Grass Man to load the car up with more sod.

I was standing next to the car when, I kid you not, a bee attacked me.  I did the whole flailing of the arms and jumping out-of-the-way, but it wasn’t working.  So…I Karate Kicked that sucker, straight out of the sky, and stepped on it.  Hi-ya!!!  Then I realized how stupid I must have looked, and commenced laughing at myself as I walked back to the car.  I sure hope the ladies inside and the Grass Man, now waiting on me, got as big of a laugh as I did.

But it was worth it…I got my sod and headed home to complete the project.

Excuse the dirt on the right side.  It’s actually compost that I had to pull out for a piece to lay flat with the rest.  It will slowly get watered in to the existing grass.  Here’s the before from yesterday, so you don’t have to move between posts…

Lastly, here’s a beloved whole house photo after the sod was laid.


What do you think?  We think it makes the yard look bigger…and more like ours.


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  1. Oh my gosh!! I was laughing my head off. I could just hear Courtney saying all of this.

    Great job! It looks beautiful. Also – you should be a comedian.
    Keep the stories coming.


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