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If The Duggars were Bulbs…

Now, I’m not a gardener…at all.  I have no experience whatsoever when it comes to anything green.  Brown…maybe; but only because I most likely got it to that state.  BUT I swear the bulbs in our garden are having B-A-B-I-E-S.  This is the only logical explanation, because no person in their right mind would plant the number of bulbs in a single space that we pulled out of our garden this past week.

On Sunday, we decided it was time to tackle the front yard.  I began by pulling out all of the dead stems from the area surrounding our front yard lamppost.  I’m not sure where the thought process was in the placement of the sprinkler head, but it literally misses everything behind it and is placed in the middle of a flower bed.  This left me with a bunch of dead flower stems…and you know how much I LOOOOOOOOVE dead flower stems.

I sat my happy tush down and got to work.  I pulled all those babies out of the ground, every last one of them.  Yes, this included the living stems that have yet to bloom in the month that we’ve been here.  I decided that I would rather start fresh in that area…or just leave a big spot of dirt next to our walkway…until next Spring.  Yep…Plan A is to plant nothing for the next 8-9 months.

I like it.  No Plan B needed at this time, thank you very much.

It was then time to tackle the main flower bed.  Husband and I had some differing opinions about how to handle the task at hand.

Problem: The flowers in this area are so tall that they are blocking the water from reaching all areas of the grass.

Solution – Husband:  Cut back the flowers to the ground, so the water can get over the bed.  We can deal with the flowers next Spring.

Solution – Right (aka Me):  Take out the flowers.  Many “REAL Gardeners” have commented on how the tall flowers/grass were poorly placed on the outside of the bed, with the smaller items interspersed throughout.  I have already cut back the flowers in the last 2 weeks and those suckers grow back with a vengeance.

Answer: Remove the entire bed and replace with sod.

We pulled and dug and pulled and dug and pulled and dug…until the area was clear.  While The Husband initially did not agree with my solution.  He definitely dug the solution…get it…”dug”?  Haha.  A little humor to tide you over.

The Husband talked to each plant as he dug them out of the ground.  Comments like, “You ain’t got nothin’ on me…”, “You ready for this…”, and the rest included words that are not appropriate for a family blog.  At the end of the day we were left with…drumroll, please…another area of dirt.  Just bigger.

It was during the process of prepping the area for sod, that I realized that the bulbs in the area had met, fallen in love, got married, and had babies. Lots. of. Babies.  I’m talking The Duggars on steroids.  You know, the Duggars.  The family who has a TV show displaying their crazy family of 21 for all the world to see? Not that I’ve ever watched it…I’m too busy pulling Duggar Bulbs out of my yard.

The picture does not do justice.  This is a GIGANTIC pile and are less than HALF the bulbs that were pulled out of the area.  The rest were in the trashcan and I wasn’t about to dig them out for a second time, just to share with the 3 people who will read this.

Come back tomorrow to see what replaced the The Duggar Bulb Family and hear about the Karate Kick at the Grass Store.


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