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Ever since we moved in, I hear myself referring to our home as “her house”…”her garden”…  I don’t think I ever really felt like it was our house.  Until we worked on the front yard last weekend.  Unfortunately, you will have to wait to see some progress pictures, as there is still more to be done.  In the meantime, please enjoy the Botanical Gardens of Clayton Ct. from the “Main Entrance”.

The above photo was taken back in June before we had actually purchased the home.  Here are a couple close-ups from this past weekend…


I know, I know…it’s beautiful, right?  May I remind you of what our backyard looks like…

Are you as overwhelmed as I am?  While I would love to keep everything and hire a gardener; it’s not in the cards, people.  That’s nope to both…the gardener and keeping everything.  Everything looks so pretty in pictures, but in person it is an overgrown mess.  It’s just my personal opinion, but when flowers die they are U-G-L-Y.  Seriously, who wants a dried out, brittle, stem as a constant reminder that I have yet to come out and prune back the flowers becuase I’m stuck inside taking down a popcorn ceiling?

1 Husband

+ 2 Kids

+ 1 Dog

+ A Job

Zero Time for Gardening

Say good-bye to the flowers and hello to…hmmmm…wouldn’t you love to know what we are in the process of doing?

What would you do with our yard?  What would you keep or dig up?  Would you keep the Hawaiian flowers in the front (told you we had our own ecosystem)?  What about the wildflowers?


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  1. Heather Kittell

    I would have to see it in person…if you want a gardening buddy, I would love to come give you a hand. I can’t do any gardening here on Buckley-just my little flower pots.

    Let me know if you would like to set up a gardening date with me. 🙂

    • Heather, I would love to set up a gardening date. At this point, we are just trying to get some of the dead “brush” and Ivy out and get the ground cover under control. We won’t be planting until next Spring. So… this is me requesting a gardening date for sometime next Spring. You may have to pick the day, as I have NO idea when to even begin planting. 🙂


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